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Carpet Cleaning Phoenix - Eco-Friendly - Zero Residue

We offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services for the entire Phoenix Metro Area. Our technicians are IICRC certified on the cleaning procedures that are endorsed by the largest carpet mills and manufacturers. Our carpet cleaners are well-trained to avoid the three most common causes of carpet damage: over-wetting, use of harsh cleaning detergents, and prolonged drying. We are the best carpet cleaning service in Phoenix Arizona metro area and have solved the common problems associated with carpet cleaning in an environmentally friendly way. If you want your carpets the cleanest they can be INSIST on the BIG TRUCK that services the metropolitan Phoenix, AZ.

Bryan with the Vortex 7000 Carpet Cleaning System Truck

We use the Vortex 7000 cleaning system - the industry's biggest and most powerful machine!
We Will Get Your Carpets Cleaner - Guaranteed!


We strive to provide our clients in Phoenix, AZ with the healthiest and safest cleaning possible. Our carpet cleaners do not use any detergents in our hot water extraction system. Our carpet cleaners only use eco-friendly mild active enzyme and citrus-based green products in our pre-spray. Eco-friendly cleaning products clean just as well as the harsh detergents with carcinogens. Your family does not have to sacrifice health for a clean home! If you suffer from allergies, proper carpet cleaning with our environmentally friendly cleaning products can be a great help. People with asthma, upper respiratory problems, or chemical sensitivity benefit from our process. Homes with pets that are chemical-sensitive such as dogs, cats and tropical birds also benefit immensely from cleaning processes that are safe and environmentally friendly.

Zero Residue

There are several key factors that allow us to leave your carpets virtually residue free. We use a Kinetico water purification system which is especially important here in Phoenix. Without it, the minerals in our tap water will be left behind in your carpets during the hot water extraction causing your carpets to feel crunchy and they will get dirty shortly after your cleaning. Our Vortex 7000 carpet cleaning system delivers steaming hot water to your carpet at temperatures up to 260 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the water is critically important to the cleaning power. The cleaning power of hot water increases by 100% for every 18 degrees above 118 degrees. This means that our system at 260 degrees cleans four times better than any van-mounted system using water at a temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Also the powerful vacuum suction of our Vortex 7000 cleaning machine, simply removes virtually all of the hot water applied in the rinse/extraction step of the cleaning process.

We Dry Your Carpets Faster

With our Phoenix carpet cleaning service, your carpets will usually dry in four to six hours not the one to two days that you find with the "budget" carpet cleaners. We are able to do this because of the powerful vacuum suction of our Vortex 7000 cleaning machine. It simply removes virtually all of the hot water applied in the extraction step of the cleaning process. The suction is so powerful that we must use a Teflon "glide" surface on our titanium cleaning wands so they will move freely over your carpets. The last step of the process is grooming, this sets the nap of the carpet to allow any remaining moisture to evaporate quickly.

Pet Stain Removal

Pet odor and pet stains can be difficult to remove from carpets. Simply cleaning your carpets with a machine from the grocery store or having a budget cleaning service attempt to clean the contamination will not work. Grocery store machines and low cost companies do not have enough suction which leaves the carpet too wet. This causes the pet stain to wick back up from the carpet padding. The temperature of the steam used for the hot water extraction is also important. If there is not enough heat the cleaning agents will not properly activate. Please refer to our pet odor removal and pet stain removal page to learn more about why our service is the best choice for Phoenix Arizona residents.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

We are unlike the low cost carpet cleaning companies. All of our carpet cleaners are IICRC certified on cleaning procedures which are endorsed by the largest carpet mills and manufacturers. We use the Vortex 7000 cleaning system - the industry's biggest and most powerful carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning machine! We simply have a lot more steam and suction than the other guys!

We will never quote you a bargain basement price over the telephone then when we arrive at your house or business in Phoenix ask you if you want pre-spray or other items to increase the cost. These are typical bait and switch tactics used by many budget cleaning companies which is not our way of doing business. Pre-spray is always required to clean your carpets properly and we use an eco-friendly pre-spray which is included in any price we quote. There are no hidden costs for pre spotting or vacuuming. Please refer to our Carpet Cleaning FAQs for more information about things you should know before hiring any carpet cleaner in the Phoenix area.

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